Drinking water hygiene

Water as, our most important foodstuff, demands particular attention.

If conditions are unfavourable, microbiological, chemical and physical changes can occur in drinking water installations.

The hygiene inspection of drinking water facilities serves to ensure a technologically faultless operation.

pointDrinking water inspections according to drinking water regulations and the VDI 6023 standard
pointfrei- Checks for chemical, physical and microbiological indicators in the cold water system
pointfrei- Checks for Legionella sp in the technical intervention values of TrinkwV 2001 §14
pointfrei- Analysis of dangers in drinking water facilities according to VDI 6023
pointFirst and repeated servicing of drinking water facilities
pointPrevention advice to ensure a hygienic and technically faultless drinking water facility
pointAnalysis and advice in the case of contaminated drinking water systems

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